Album of Solo Pieces for the Harp Vol.1 [Pet:LAU051A]

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Album of Solo Pieces for the Harp Vol.1.
Edited by Annie Louise David.
Harp (Solo).
For: Hp.

This is a reprint of the 1916 Boston edition).
Contents -- W. Loukine: Prelude - Franz Poenitz: The Music-Box (Die Spieldose) - A. Hasselmans: Prayer (Priere) - A. Hasselmans: Will-o'-the Wisp (Follets) - Gabriel Faure: Slumber-song (Berceuse de Dolly) - A. Zabel: Marguerite at the Spinning-wheel (Marguerite au rouet) - Margaret Hoberg: Polonaise.

Format: Sheet Music.
Published by LAUREN.
Distributed by Edition Peters.
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