Bach, J.S. - Two Christmas Chorale Preludes [CF:FC-B23]

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Two Christmas Chorale Preludes.
Instrumentation: 2 C Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute.

Johann Sebastian Bach. Arr. David Bailey.
Music for the Christmas season seems to fall into two categories -- the very popular carols and secular Christmas music, and music which is not widely known. These two chorale preludes offer a wonderful addition to a Christmas program because they bridge the wide gulf between the two divisions. The first one, Gottes sohn ist kommen, is a little-known but delicately beautiful chorale prelude. The second one, In Dulci Jubilo, utilizes a melody known as the English carol Good Christian Men Rejoice, but in a setting that provides a different way of looking at that melody. Two Christmas Chorale Preludes will provide an opportunity to include lesser known but still beautiful Christmas music in a concert of familiar works.

Publisher: Falls House Press.
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