Smetana, Easy Piano Pieces and Dances [Bar:BA11578]

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For the most part, the rich piano legacy of Bedrich Smetana (1824–1884) comprises compositions that require the skills of an advanced or even professional pianist. In this album, which forms part of the popular “Easy Piano Pieces and Dances” series, the composer’s technically easier pieces have been compiled to provide an ideal introduction to Smetana’s varied piano repertoire.

The album contains two well-known concert pieces (“Souvenir” from the cycle “Sketches” op. 4 and the Polka in G minor from the cycle “Three Poetic Polkas” op. 8), but also lesser-known, smaller pieces written for various occasions (e.g. several “Album Leaves”). All compositions include fingering by the renowned Czech pianist and Smetana interpreter Jan Novotný.