10 Jazz Sketches, Volume 2 (altos) [Ken:15906]

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10 Jazz Sketches, Volume 2 (altos). By: Niehaus. Alto Saxophone Trio. Instrumentation: 3 Alto Saxes.

Written to give developing jazz musicians the chance to sharpen their interpretative skills in a trio setting for like instruments, this outstanding set features ten concise tunes in swing (5), Latin (2), ballad (2), and blues (1) styles. Each selection contains both linear and vertical writing, and every player has a chance to carry the melodic lead. This second in a four-volume series is designed for grade 3 players (Volume 1 is grade 2; Volume 3 and 4 are grade 4 and 5 respectively).

Published by Kendor Music, Inc. (#Ken:15906).
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