Applebaum, 20 Progressive Solos for String Instruments [Alf:00-EL02733]

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20 Progressive Solos for String Instruments.

Samuel Applebaum.
Double Bass.
Instrumentation: Bass.
First Published: 3/1985.
32 pages.
These solos, with piano accompaniment, can be used by individual players as well as for performance by groups. They have proven effective for recruiting string players in the public schools, and for string classes, solo contests and string festivals. Each piece has a distinct value, either for development of certain rhythms, for the development of the left hand and bow arm, and for development of style and musicianship. For more advanced players, these pieces may include shifting into the third position. The third position fingerings may be added by the student or the teacher. Published for violin, viola, cello, string bass, and piano accompaniment.
Applebaum, 20 Progressive Solos for String Instruments [Alf:00-EL02733]

Format: Book.
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