Advanced Vocal Technique [HL:695883]

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Advanced Vocal Technique.
text by Tita Hutchison.
by Dena Murray and Tita Hutchison Essential Concepts
Middle Voice, Placement & Styles.
Published by Musicians Institute Press.
Series/Edition: Musicians Institute Press.

A voice that sounds like one register: isn't this what most singers want? And how do you get that sound live, outside of all the engineering tools used in a studio? A follow-up to the author's highly successful Vocal Technique book & 2-CD set, Advanced Vocal Technique teaches the higher skills needed to bridge your voice and help you get the sound you desire in whichever style you choose. Includes: placement and air function; exercising the tongue and mouth; singing in the mask and bridging; use of the slide; strengthening your voice; all styles including jazz, country, R&B, pop, rock; and more. The included CD contains demonstrations, exercises, and full band demo tracks!

Book/CD Pack

Format: Softcover with CD.
96 pages.
9 in. x 12 in.
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