Andree, Svanen [CF:491-00636]

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Elfrida Andree
For Voice, Violin and Piano Or Harp
Edited by: Susan Pickett

It was illegal in mid-19th century Sweden for a woman to act as church organist. Elfrida Andrée, a Swedish woman who was also an organist, was responsible for overturning this ban, an early effort that led to a lifetime of music-making and, ultimately, an impressive body of work. Of the more than 100 Andrée compositions, editor Susan Pickett was especially taken with Svanen, which appears to date back to the 1880s. The present edition is based primarily upon the first publication (1890) and Andrée's own orchestral version, retaining the Böttiger text in French, German, and Swedish, along with critical notes. For intermediate to advanced performers.

Voice, Violin, Piano (Or Harp)
Vocal Ensemble
Score and Part(s)
Publisher: Hildegard Publishing Company
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