Anzoletti - Adagio a Bazzini [Gems:GPL245]

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This edition of the Adagio a Bazzini for violin and piano by Marco Anzoletti is based upon the autograph manuscript found in the Biblioteca communale della citta Trento, Italy. The source manuscript is undated and it appears to be a retail copy but in handwritten form, and it is unclear whether the work has ever been performed or premiered. The dedication "A Bazzini" refers to Antonio Bazzini who was a prominent Italian violinist, composer, and teacher. Bazzini held a composition professor post at Milan Conservatory from 1873-1882, and in 1882 he became the school's director. It is plausible this work may have been written as an elegy for Bazzini's death, which would mean the work may have been written in 1897.