Belwin 21st Century Band Method, Level 1 [Alf:00-B21103V]

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Belwin 21st Century Band Method, Level 1.

By Jack Bullock and Anthony Maiello.
For: Bassoon.

Each Belwin 21st Century Band Method video is introduced by Wynton Marsalis, and a motivational talk to students and families is given by Jack Bullock. For each instrument, there are demonstrations by Anthony Maiello of breathing and forming an embouchure, assembling, holding and caring for the instrument and producing a sound. First notes and instrument workouts with helpful techniques by various artists/clinicians are presented, along with rhythmic training by Jack Bullock. Unique to the video are play-along duets and performance pieces (videotaped from the student's perspective) with Anthony Maiello and a middle school band. This tape is an incredible motivational tool to keep students involved.
Instrumentation: Bassoon.

Difficulty: Level 1.

Series: Belwin 21st Century Band Method.

Publisher's Category: Band Method.
Format: Video.

Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing.
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