Boosey & Hawkes Opera Anthology - Mezzo-Soprano

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This landmark publication collects arias and role excerpts from operas by John Adams, Benjamin Britten, Carlisle Floyd, Richard Strauss, and many other composers published by Boosey & Hawkes. Includes extensive plot notes and translations.

Song List:
  • Am I In Your Light?
  • As I Was Saying...Scorned! Abused!
  • Bellino's Aria
  • Doctor Jessop's Midwife
  • Estella's Aria
  • A Foreign Singer's Aria
  • Give Him This Orchid
  • I Must Have Been Hysterical
  • Is It All?
  • La Anunciacion
  • Lysander, Help Me Lysander
  • Ma's Song
  • Madame D'Urfe's Aria
  • The Mother's Aria
  • Nazimova's Aria
  • Nonn' Erubeskite, Reges
  • On The Stroke Of Midnight!
  • Past Fierce And Tossing Skies
  • Sein Wir Wieder Gut
  • She Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night
  • Sold! Annoyed!
  • Take Off That Frown
  • Thank You
  • There Is A Garden
  • Thus When A Good Housewife Sees A Rat...How Cruel Are The Traytors
  • Was It Truly Destiny
  • What A Movie!
  • What Would Missus Herring Say?
  • When I Am Laid In Earth
  • Wie Du Warst!
  • Wind Around Me Like Satan's Snake