Christmas with Carolyn [HL:406878]

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Christmas with Carolyn. Nine Early Intermediate Level Piano Solos. arr. Carolyn Miller Early-Intermediate Level. Voicing: Piano.

Description: This is a collection of some of the most familiar carols of Christmas. Students will enjoy the appealing arrangements. Teachers will appreciate the teaching material in the songs.

Purpose: *To play and enjoy traditional Christmas music.

*To reinforce the concepts of Alberti bass, voicing, boogie pattern, and L.H. arpeggios.

Suggestions for Instruction: *Learn the arpeggio patterns.

*Strive for a singing melody.

*The L.H. should be flexible on “Jingle Bells.”

Key: F, C, G Major

Format: Book. 24 pages. 9 x 12 in. Series/Edition: WillisPublished by Willis Music.
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