Albinoni, Concerto in d minor Op.9 No.2 [Pet:GM510]

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Concerto in d minor Op.9 No.2.
Albinoni, Tomaso.

Oboe & Piano.
For: Ob-Pf.

Oboe and Piano (Full Score and Parts for this concerto are also available).
Tomaso Albinoni was born in Venice on June 8th, 1671. He was famous in his day as an opera composer, though now he is celebrated peincipally for his instrumental music. Having been the son of a wealthy paper merchant and thus of independent means, he never needed to seek a position at a church or court of nobility, and so he was free to compose exclusively (this may, however, explain in part why so little is known of his life despite the comparatively well-documented era in which he lived). Although extremely successful (his operas were performed throughout Italy, Albinoni lived in Venice in obscurity, and died of diabetes on January 17th, 1751.

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