Alexander, Hoedown Tonight! [Alf:00-19782]

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Hoedown Tonight!.

Dennis Alexander.

First Published: 1/2001.
8 pages.
Three young performers will love "bouncing" through this happy piece, filled with infectious square-dance styling. The 4/4 meter and C Major key signature make this one friendly for early students, and the nice blend of staccato and legato, as well as contrasts of soft and loud sections, will provide the young pianists with a valuable opportunity to sharpen their rhythm and ensemble skills. Each of the 3 parts has an important and fun role to play in the performance, and students will love playing it "just for fun," too.
Alexander, Hoedown Tonight! [Alf:00-19782]

Difficulty: Elementary.
Format: Sheet.
Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

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