Improvising: How to Master the Art [Pet:9780193858817]

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Improvising: How to Master the Art.
Hancock, Gerre.

Organ (Solo).

'The plain truth is that all musicians are capable of splendid improvisation.'
With this premise, the author, (organist at St Thomas Church, 5th Avenue, New York) leads the student step by step. His language is informal, articulate, and encouraging, and the many lively exercises are clear and clean.
Introduction * The Scale * The Phrase * The Interlude * The Hymn * The Ornamented Hymn * The Hymn Prelude * The Song Form * The Sonata Form * The Toccata * The Canon * The Duo and The Trio * The Fugue * Coda * Bibliography.

Format: Sheet Music.
Published by Oxford.
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