Alexander, Just for Two, Book 3 [Alf:00-39105]

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Just for Two, Book 3.
A Collection of 6 Piano Duets in a Variety of Styles and Moods Specially Written to Inspire, Motivate, and Entertain.
Dennis Alexander.

32 pages.
The solo piano series Just for You was one of Dennis Alexanderís first publications with Alfred and has remained one of his best-selling series. In Just for Two, Dennis has created duet versions of many favorites from each book of the original series. Students will enjoy making music together with these duets that are ìtwice the funî as the originals. Titles: Downright Cute! * Judyís Waltz * Jumpiní the Ivories * Just for You * Nocturne in E-flat Major * Raggedy Rag.
Alexander, Just for Two, Book 3 [Alf:00-39105]

Difficulty: Intermediate.
Format: Book 3.
Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

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