Kahane - Craigslistlieder [Holab:7/27]

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Craiglistlieder by Gabriel Kahane

Magdeburg Music

"These songs draw their texts from actual posts from the web site www.craigslist.org. No words have been contributed by the composer, though in some cases minor editing has been done. It is imperative that the singer commit to a belief in the text and to resist the temptation to comment on the characters portrayed. That said, I encourage the performer to take rhythmic liberties for comic effect." - Gabriel Kahane


I. You Looked Sexy
II. I'm Sorry
III. Half a Box of Condoms
IV. Neurotic and Lonely
V. Today I Met...
VI. For Trade: Assless Chaps
VII. Two Years Ago, My Sister and I... (some dipshit through [sic] out my bottle)
VIII. Opera Scene:
1. Recitative: Hello potential roommates
2. Aria: I Have a compulsion
3. Recitative: Let me emphasize
4. Aria: When you're sitting on the couch
5. Recitative: On infrequent occasions
6. Aria da capo: I have a compulsion