Klebe, Poèma romantico per Violino, Violoncello e Pianoforte op. 145 [BA11041]

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This three movement piano trio from Giselher Klebe’s late period of creativity originates from his estate. The composition’s appeal lies in the clear, restrained diction whilst at the same time a high intensity of expression is achieved.  Two diverse slow outer movements with eruptive injections frame a lively middle movement.  This work which has a duration of 20 minutes undoubtedly represents an impressive document of a musical style which we perceive today as the classical modern.

Edition Type/Format: performance score (3)
Scoring and Instrumentation: V/Vc/Klav
Detailed Scoring and Instrumentation: V/Vc/Klav
Pages: 33/33/33 S.
Size: 34.0 x 27.2 cm