Novelty Masterpieces of the Gershwin Era [Dov:490920]

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Novelty Masterpieces of the Gershwin Era: The Music of Zez Confrey, Pauline Alpert and Rube Bloom

Selected with and Introduction by Peter Mintun

ISBN 10 0486490920
ISBN 13 9780486490922
Author/Editor Peter Mintun
Page Count 112
Dimensions 9 x 12

This original collection of piano tunes from the 1920s and '30s features pieces by three of the era's most popular piano roll and novelty song artists: Zez Confrey, Pauline Alpert, and Rube Bloom. Pianists and music enthusiasts of all ages will rejoice in these charming melodies, selected by Peter Mintun, who provides an informative Introduction.

Contents include Pauline Alpert's Dream of a Doll, March of the Blues, Night of Romance, Ivory Tips, Piano Poker, The Merry Minnow, Perils of Pauline, and Mindin' the Baby; Rube Bloom's Spring Fever, A Stately Mansion, That Futuristic Rag, Sapphire, Savage in My Soul, Silhouette, and Soliloquy; and Zez Confrey's Kitten on the Keys, Dizzy Fingers, My Pet, You Tell 'Em, Ivories, Greenwich Witch, Poor Buttermilk, Stumbling, and Coaxing the Piano.