Playford Dances for 4 Recorders, Volume 1 [LP:LPM0102]

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Playford Dances in 4-Part settings by Bernard Thomas. Volume 1: 68 Dances. For 4 Recorders. 

These arrangements of dances from Playford's The Dancing Master, which appeared in 18 different editions from 1651 to around 1725, are intended primarily for playing to dancers. Those of us who have been involved in dance events will be familiar with the experience of having to cobble together versions of these tunes for the band at short notice, and it is hoped that this volume should reduce the consumption of midnight oil.

CONTENTS: 1. All in a Garden Green (B3) 2. Argiers or The Wedding Night (B4) 3. Ayme or the Symphony (B5) 4. Chestnut or Doves Vagary (B14) 5. Daphne (B20) 15. Mad Tom, or Grays Inn Mask (B30) 16. Greenwood (B31) 20. Hearts Ease (B38) 33. The Merry Milkmaids (B60) 34. Mundesse (B64) 36. Nonesuch (B71) 38. Parsons Farewell (B75) 39. Pauls Wharf (B77) 40. Prince Ruperts March (B81) 43. Shepherds Holiday (B91) 47. Woodycock (B105) 48. Parson upon Dorothy (B107) 52. Dours Catastrophe (B138) 55. An Italian Rant (B148) 56. Amaryllis (B165) 58. Buff Coat (B195) 61. Greensleeves and Pudding Pieces (B244) 66. Bellamira (B302) 67. The Siege of Buda (B306) 68. Lillibulero (B311).

Published by London Pro Musica Edition (#LPM 102). 
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