Potter, The Art of Cello Playing [Alf:00-0071]

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The Art of Cello Playing.

Louis Potter.
Series/Edition: The Art of Series.
First Published: 1/1996.
248 pages.
The author's stated purpose in writing The Art of Cello Playing is 'to present a progressive sequence of commentary and material as a basis for acquiring a sound technical foundation and basic playing competence to prepare the player for exploring the rich solo, orchestral, and chamber music literature of the instrument.' To that end he has produced a comprehensive textbook and reference manual on beginning to advanced cello technique with emphasis on the vital beginning foundation. Louis Potter Jr., is particularly well qualified to make this contribution from his wide experience in teaching both classes and individuals at Michigan State University and at National Music Camp, Interlochen, Michigan.
Potter, The Art of Cello Playing [Alf:00-0071]

Format: Book.
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