Tweedy, Girard, Bennett, Wilco Songbook [CF:VF14]

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Jeff Tweedy, Chris Girard, Jay Bennett
Wilco Songbook
Arranged: Dan Fox

This anthology has 27 of the band’s popular titles arranged for piano, guitar and voice. The songs contained in this 152-page collection come from the five classic Wilco studio albums: A.M., Being There, Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born. The Wilco Songbook is the first time the band’s tunes have been available in print form and includes such hits as Box Full of Letters, Casino Queen, The Lonely 1, Via Chicago, Jesus, etc., I’m the Man Who Loves You and Hummingbird.

Piano, Guitar, Voice
Piano Reduction/Vocal Score
Publisher: Carl Fischer LLC
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