Music by Black Composers for Violin Volume 2 [Subito:18010020]

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Music by Black Composers (MBC) Violin Volume 2 contains 16 elementary-level pieces. The works are written by both men and women who come from North America (the United States), South America (Brazil), the Caribbean (Guadeloupe), Europe (England, France), and Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone), and the repertoire spans four centuries – from the 1700s to the present.

In addition to the music, each MBC violin volume also contains illustrated composer biographies, features on Black classical music making throughout history, and profiles of Black role models in classical music past and present. Each piece in Volume 2 has both a second violin accompaniment and a piano accompaniment (in folios sold separately). Free supplemental audio, video, and informational resources are also available through

MBC Violin Volume 2 is designed to supplement the current instrumental training methods by providing students of all races and ethnicities a broader perspective of who has written classical music throughout history, and who is writing it today.

Join us and #CelebrateBlackComposers! #ExpandTheCanon!

Published by: Rachel Barton Pine Foundation