Bach, Goldberg Variations BWV 988 [Bar:BA10848]

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Bach, Johann Sebastian
Goldberg Variations BWV 988
Fourth Part of the Clavier Übung

Edition no.


Volume / Series

Wolff, Christoph

Instrumentation of the work

Language(s) of text
German, English

Product format
Performance score, Urtext edition

Edition without fingering see BA 5162


Pages / Format
VI, 47 S. - 31,0 x 24,3 cm

Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” have remained a challenge for every harpsichord player and pianist to the present day. One special problem with performances on a modern piano is that Bach wrote this work for a two-manual harpsichord.
Ragna Schirmer’s fingering offers the most convenient solutions for the many crossings of the hands necessary on the piano. She also took the engraving of the original print of 1741 as an important guide for dividing the parts between the hands.

• Scholarly-critical Urtext performing edition based on the “New Bach Edition”
• With fingering for performance on modern pianos as well as a commentary regarding the fingering
• Division of parts between the hands based on Bach’s original print

Ragna Schirmer has already provided fingering for the Bärenreiter edition of Bach’s “Six Partitas: First Part of the Clavier Übung” (BA 5247).