Black Women Composers [CF:490-01070]

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Black Women Composers. A Century Of Piano Music (1893-1990).
Instrumentation: Piano.

Various Artists. Arr. Helen Walker-Hill.

Publisher: Hildegard Publishing Company.
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Table of Contents:

Estelle D. Ricketts: Rippling Spring Waltz
Anna Gardner Goodwin: Cuban Liberty March
L. Viola Kinney: Mother's Sacrifice
Montague Ring: Prayer Before Battle From Four Moorish Pictures
Florence B. Price: Fantasie Negro
Mary Lou Williams: Nite Life
Julia Perry: Prelude For Piano
Undine Smith Moore: Before I'd Be A Slave
Betty Jackson King: Spring Intermezzo From Four Seasonal Sketches
Philippa Schuyler: Furtune Favored The Bold Player
Tania Leon: Prelude No. 1: "Sorpresa" ("Surprise")
Tania Leon: Prelude No. 2: "Pecera" ("Aquarium")
Margaret Bonds: Troubled Water
Lena J. Mclin: A Summer Day
Valerie Capers: Blues For "The Duke"
Valerie Capers: A Taste Of Bass
Valerie Capers: Billie's Song
Regina A. Harris Baiocchi: Etude No. 2
Dorothy Rudd Moore: A Little Whimsy
Joyce Solomon: A Summer Afternoon In South Carolina
Mable Bailey: Prankster
Zenobia Powell Perry: Homage