Busoni, The New Busoni Exercises and Studies for the Piano Volume I [Breit:EB6948]

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Ferruccio Busoni (1866–1924)

The New Busoni

Exercises and Studies for the Piano edited by Franzpeter Goebels [pno]

“Tend to your technical skill, in order to be ready and fit for any event.” (exercise rule no. 9) – Busoni has often been blamed for this naïve, nearly sporting enjoyment of technical perfection. All of Busoni’s statements about piano technique lead from the concept of a technician to the concept of a virtuoso, who represents a higher degree in comparison with the technician. However, for Busoni, virtuosity is only the basis of the entirety of the performer, who should “overcome difficulties […] with grace”.
The present edition consists of two volumes and offers to the students a useful selection of Busoni’s study material, enriched by adding the Bach studies. The selection is limited to exemplary material so that the groups of themes can be treated with precision. Each chapter is followed by instructions from the editor in German and English.