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Christmas Music from France and Germany [Alf:00-K02047]

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Christmas Music from France and Germany.

Series/Edition: Kalmus Edition.
First Published: 8/1998.
68 pages.
This Kalmus publication features 15 organ works suitable for the Advent/Christmas season. The book is divided into two sections: the first offering pieces by six French composers, and the second with compositions by six German composers. Interesting music for church or recital. Nineteen titles, including: Variations sur un NoÎl Bourguignon (Fleury) * Ricercare pour le Temps de NoÎl (Paponaud) * Ricercare on 'Der Tag, Der Ist So Fruedenreich' (Poglietti) * Chorale on 'Vom Himmel Hoch' (Pachelbel).
Christmas Music from France and Germany [Alf:00-K02047]
Winter. Christmas.
Difficulty: Late Intermediate.
Format: Book.
Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

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