City Snapshots [CF:UE021744]

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Although written for beginners, James Rae’s City Snapshots, for 1-2 saxophones manages, to capture the essence of music from around the world. In this publication, we find a waltz in Viennese style that could have been written by Johann Strauss, a dreamy blues from Manhattan, a Cossack Dance from Kyiv and a lively Irish Jig from Dublin. To accommodate beginners, all the pieces are written in the low register, in comfortable keys. Piano accompaniments are kept simple and contains chord symbols. An entertaining adventure for children, whether alone or with a friend. The piano accompaniments are available as downloads, and the audio file as a download or streaming. This publication is also available for 1-2 clarinets (UE21743) or 1-2 flutes (UE21742).

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