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Bach, J.S. - Concerto in the Italian Style (Urtext Edition) [HL:50336340]

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Concerto in the Italian Style (Urtext Edition).
Johann Sebastian Bach, ed. Rosalyn Tureck.
Harpsichord or Piano Solo.
Published by G. Schirmer, Inc..
Series/Edition: Piano Large Works.

Rosalyn Tureck has been called The High Priestess of Bach and is world-renowned as a scholar and performer. Recordings of her public recitals and lectures are collected in the Rosalyn Tureck Archives at the Library for the Performing Arts in Lincoln Center. She also directs the Tureck Bach Institute in New York, and is the editor of the Tureck/Bach Urtext Series published by G. Schirmer. This new Second Edition of Concerto in the Italian Style, with a revised introduction by Mme. Tureck, includes extensive critical notes and reproductions of Bach's First Editions in addition to Mme. Tureck's new Critical Edition of the score. The piece has been recorded by Mme. Tureck on CBS Masterworks and on Classical Music, Inc.

Harpsichord or Piano Solo

40 pages.
9 in. x 12 in.
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