Do-It-Yourself Bass Guitar [HL:366445]

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Do-It-Yourself Bass Guitar

The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Start Playing

Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Travis Dykes

Do-It-Yourself Bass Guitar is a fun way to get started playing on your own. Using well-known pop, rock, and funk tunes, you will be given step-by-step instructions on what you need to know to get started and sounding like a pro in no time. Includes audio tracks for demonstration and play-along, plus video instruction by bass guitarist and instructor Travis Dykes.


• 100 audio tracks!

• Bass guitar fundamentals

• Reading bass guitar tablature

• Left-hand and right-hand techniques

• Intervals and chords

• Scales

• Playing styles and articulations

• Song structures and chord charts

• Nashville Number System

• Demonstration and play-along audio tracks

• Video instruction and demonstration

• and much more!

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Inventory # HL00366445
ISBN: 9781705137840
UPC: 840126963878
Series: Do It Yourself
Format: Softcover Media Online - TAB
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
128 pages

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