Dvorak, Poetical Tone Pictures op. 85 [Bar:H00338]

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Antonín Dvorák's piano works are generally overshadowed by his symphonies and chamber music works, especially since those from around 1880 are very much oriented around Schubert, Chopin and Schumann. The situation is different with Dvorák's later romantic tone poems, the “Poetic Tone Pictures” op. 85. Anyone in search of romantic piano poetry off the beaten track may find much pleasure in this, Dvorák's largest piano cycle from 1889, for example in the impressive piece “At the Old Castle” or in the lively “Peasant Ballad”.



  • Nocní cesta / Nächtlicher Weg / Twilight Way
  • Zertem / Tändelei / Toying
  • Na starem hrade / Auf der alten Burg / In the Old Castle
  • Jarní / Frühlingslied / Spring Song
  • Selská balada / Bauernballade / Peasants' Ballad
  • Vzpomínání / Klagendes Gedenken / Reverie
  • Furiant / Ein Tanz (Furiant) / Folk Dance (Furiant)
  • Rej skrítku / Koboldstanz / Goblins' Dance
  • Serenáda / Serenade
  • Bakchanale / Bacchanale / Bacchanalia
  • Na táckách / Plauderei / Title-tattle
  • U mohyly / Am Heldengrabe / At a Hero's Grave
  • Na Svate Hore / Auf dem Heiligen Berg / On the Holy Mount
Edition no. H00338
ISMN - 9790260105461
Volume / Series Gesamtausgabe der Werke von Antonín Dvorák V/3
Arranger Burghauser, Jarmil / Cubr, Antonín
Instrumentation of the work: Piano
Product format Performance score
Binding: Stapled