Couperin, Kyrie [CF:392-03097]

Couperin, Francois

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Kyrie. "Premier Couplet Du Kyrie" From Messe Pour Les Convents.
Instrumentation: SATB, Organ.

Francois Couperin. Arr. Paul Cienniwa. Ed. Paul Cienniwa.
This edition is based on the “Premier couplet du Kyrie,” the first movement of Couperin’s Mass for the Convents. The original organ mass contains no text, but editor Paul Cienniwa has added the words of the "Kyrie" to Couperin’s contrapuntal organ writing. All of Couperin’s original notes are maintained in the choral parts and the keyboard reduction is Couperin’s original organ composition. This practical and versatile edition provides several performance options that include chorus alone, or organ alone, or organ and chorus together, or organ followed by chorus, and so on. Dur.: 1:40’

Format: Octavo.
4 pages.

Publisher: Thorpe Music Publishing Company.
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