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Mastering the Bow (Part 2: Spiccato)[CF:BF113]

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Developing the Stroke Systematically through a Variety of Exercises and Etudes

Continuing her masterful series, Carl Fischer Music is proud to present Gaelen McCormick's Mastering the Bow (Part 2) Studies for Bass: Spiccato. Beginning with quotes from famous pedagogues Ivan Galamian and Simon Fischer, spiccato strokes are defined and each variety of bow-stroke is examined and elaborated upon in detail. Collections of etudes have been carefully selected and presented from the methods of Dotzauer, Kreutzer, Lee, Popper, Bille, Slama, Simandl, Bottesini, Palschko and Milde. Guidelines are provided for studies, as well as extensive instruction on all aspects of spiccato playing.

SKU: BF113
Dedication: "This work is dedicated to Jeff Turner for inspiring and challenging me during our work together, and for being a shining beacon of musicianship, scholarship and professionalism for so many bassists."
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music
Delivery Method: Print
Product Type: Methods and Studies
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-8886-1

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Orin O'Brien
About Gaelen McCormick
Chapter 1: Simple Spiccato (Etudes Nos. 1–8)
Chapter 2: Restarting Spiccato (Etudes Nos. 9–18)
Chapter 3: Spiccato Combined with Slurs (Etudes Nos. 19–25)
Chapter 4: Triplets (Etudes Nos. 26–33)
Chapter 5: Brush Stroke (Etudes Nos. 34–38)