Opperman - Modern Daily Studies for the Clarinet, Book 3 [Baron5]

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Modern Daily Studies for the Clarinet, Book Three - Intervallic Permutations Containing 276 Exercises by Kalmen Opperman, Publisher: M. Baron Company, Inc


This book meets the daily study requirements of the professional clarinetist, and the musician who doubles and cannot devote himself to long practice sessions, as well as the student. It has also proven of excellent value in the study of transposition to A and C clarinet.


A metronome should be used and a record kept of the tempos at which you are capable of playing these studies when you begin, and as you progress. It is most important never to push the tempos until completely familiar with the book. However, once having these daily studies "in your fingers," one half hour to an hour should be sufficient to set the musician for performance.


The staccato studies should be practiced slowly and carefully, with frequent rest periods.


After these mechanical studies, it is most advisable to practice sustained passages.