Pop Music The Text Book [Pet:EP7690]

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Pop Music The Text Book.
Winterson, J. / Nickol, P. / Bricheno, T.


Pop Music is now a component of many courses in schools, colleges and universities: GCSE, AS/A GCE in Music and Music Technology, and BTEC Firsts, Nationals and Higher Nationals in Music Practice and Music Technology. This publication has been written with the needs of these courses in mind. This book traces the development of pop music from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, investigating the influence of each generation upon the next. It includes profiles of some of the most influential musicians of each decade, it identifies the forms and musical characteristics of different styles, with a glossary of relevant musical terms. It also includes extensive chapters on the development of music technology and examines the different roles of people working in the music industry, and explains the processes involved in making and selling a CD.

Education Books.

Level of Difficulty: High School/Undergraduate.
Format: Sheet Music.
Published by Peters.
Distributed by Edition Peters.
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