Schoenberg, Klavierstucke Op.33a and 33b [HL:51481165]

Schoenberg, Arnold

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Piano Pieces Op. 33a, 33b [Klavierstücke]

2 Pianos, 4 Hands

Publisher: Henle Urtext Edition
Composer: Arnold Schönberg
Editor: Norbert Müllemann

Schönberg's publisher Emil Hertzka provided the impetus for composition of the Piano Piece op. 33a in 1928. In fact, he had merely asked for permission to print an older work in the collection Musik der Zeit (“Music of the Time”); but Schönberg preferred to compose a new work for the volume, which was issued in 1929 by Universal Edition. In this work, as well as in the Piano Piece op. 33b composed two years later, the composer refined the use of his twelve-tone technique and, regarding its formal structure, oriented himself around classical-romantic traditions. These two seldom-heard pieces in Schönberg's mature style captivate by their colourful piano sound and organic dramatic arc – one can almost recognize a classical trait within them. Discover this unknown side of Schönberg, made perfectly accessible by Henle's tack-sharp music engraving and the helpful fingerings by Schönberg expert Shai Wosner!

Inventory # HL51481165
ISBN: 9790201811659
UPC: 196288193883
Series: Henle Music Folios
Format: Softcover
Publisher Code: HN1165

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Width: 9.25"
Length: 12.25"
26 pages