Schütz-Jahrbuch 2014, 36. Jahrgang [Bar:BVK1692]

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Editor: Werbeck, Walter

Heinrich Schütz and Venice: this priority area is dedicated to the contactor Yearbook 2014th For impression come held during the contactor festival in Venice in 2013 presentations, including Italy images of contactor Time (Bettina Varwig) to "Schütz's Venice" (David Bryant), to be protected and the Venetian school (Helen Geyer) and the provocative question of what Heinrich Schütz has not learned in Venice (Silke Leopold). Is complemented by the band a significant contribution by Joshua Rifkin on Schutz's relationship with the addressee of his wedding concerts, a text that also for contactor 'will bring new insights biography. 

Edition Type/Format: book
Pages: 104
Size: 24.0 x 17.0 cm