Our website is set up to ship anywhere in the United States through UPS and USPS. We do ship internationally; however, because of restrictions within some countries, its generally best to contact us to make certain we can ship to your location.  Just give us a call at (312) 987-1196 and tell us where you'd like to ship your music and we'll be happy to look into it.  

Shipping prices for our products are based on weight. For the vast majority of instances, this is straight-forward and accurate.  However, once in a while if a product's weight is innaccurate in the publisher's database, the shipping charge calculated at the time of purchase might be off by a few dollars. In this case, we will call you and let you know what happened, and if you were overcharged we'll issue a refund to your credit card, or if undercharged, we'll request to charge your card again for the amount necessary to make up the difference.

In the event that one of the items you bought turns out to be on back-order from the distributor, we may have to adjust your shipping charges. If you would like the available items to be sent first, we'll ship them, and then down the road we'll ship the back-ordered item when we get them. We will notify you immediately in the event that something is back-ordered and you can decide then if you'd still like to buy it or not. 

If you are in a hurry to receive your music, you can also call to inquire about our publisher-direct shipping options.  In the event that we do not have a particular item in stock, shipping an order directly from the publisher can save up to 2 days depending on the warehouse’s location.  This process costs an extra $5.00 on top of regular UPS charges, but when you need a piece ASAP, it can be a great help.  The best way to find out if publisher-direct shipping could be a better option for you is to give us a quick call.

Return Policy

If a product you received is not the one you ordered or if it is defective or damaged in any way, please tell us about it.  We will be happy to replace it with the correct item or a new copy. However, before sending anything back to us you must call or e-mail us to discuss your situation and get approval for your return. As a general policy, we cannot refund or give store credit for a purchase because you do not like it, it is not what you expected, it is too hard, too easy, etc. For any questions, just send an e-mail or give us a call.