Steyer, Six Songs for Soprano

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Six Songs for Soprano by Christine Steyer with Stuart Leitch, Paul Geiger, Peter Storms, and David Shenton. 

Overtones Publication

(c)2014 Christine Steyer

Song List

  1. Shenandoah - Traditional (arr. Leitch and Steyer)
  2. Bear Song - Steyer & Geiger (arr. Leitch)
  3. Why Do I Sing? - Steyer & Leitch 
  4. So, You Want to Be a Diva? - Steyer & Geiger (arr. Shenton)
  5. My Windowsill - Steyer & Geiger (arr. Shenton)
  6. Teach Us and Show Us the Way - Steyer & Storms, words from the Chinook Tribe of Oregon, translated by Andrew Harvey
  7. Appendix: Bear Song Sing-along