Strecke, Little Moods [Breit:EB9442]

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Kerstin Strecke (*1961)

Little Moods

15 Easy Pieces [pno]

(German / English / Chinese)
EB 9442

24 pages | 23 x 30,5 cm | 120 g | ISMN: 979-0-004-18919-1 | Saddle Stitch


Little Moods aims to be a building block for versatile piano lessons with children, teenagers and adults. The 15 self-contained, round-sounding miniatures are musically easy to grasp and therefore easy to learn. They are suitable for sight-reading and are especially good for practicing the use of the right pedal. Ifthe one or the other piece is then transposed into other keys in a courageous and experimental way or taken as a starting point for one's own improvisations, the purpose of the collection is more than fulfilled.