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Thomas, Patti Rides the DART [ECS:8869]

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Patti Rides the DART
Thomas, Paul David

for Soprano, Flute, and Piano

Unexpected and often humorous experiences were chronicled online by Patti which, over time, found their way to the composer. Inspired by Patti’s pithy, sarcastic, and self-effacing observations, the composer decided to set a collection of them to music. The result is a set of seven musical miniatures for soprano, flute, and piano. Ideal as a humorous recital element or as a comedic change of pace, Patti Rides the DART will resonate with current audiences and remind them that whatever is posted online may eventually become an art song!
I. Day 2 Hair
II. Dear Kind Man
III. Calisthenics
IV. Faithfully
V. Death Dealer
VI. Composting
VII. Tote Bag

SKU     8869*
Voicing & Instruments     Soprano, Flute, and Piano
Difficulty     Medium
Text Language     English
Popular Vocal Searches     Art Song, Vocal Solo
Composer/Arranger     Thomas, Paul David
Text Author     Adams, Patti Eubanks
Publisher     E. C. Schirmer Music Company