Together on Strings Violin 3, 4 [Breit:EB9482]

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Michael Dartsch (*1964) / Esther Klein (*1976) Together on Strings

23 Song Settings for Young String Players [2vl,2va,2vc,db]

with suggestions for playing, practicing and performing

  • German and international children's and folk songs
  • from 1 year of lessons onwards, in increasing level of difficulty
  • violins 3 and 4 as alternative parts for the violas
  • practicing and applying elementary bowing and playing techniques
  • colored highlighting of the leading melody part in the student books
  • an overview of the technical requirements for playing


Songs are part of the childhood. This collection aims to offer a variety of songs for string ensembles, such as young string orchestras or string classes. Included are older and newer songs, songs of various origins, and songs for different occasions and with themes ranging from animals to seasons and times of day to tongue-in-cheek scary subjects.

Taking up the motif of diversity in their own way, the six-part arrangements are not confined to the usual cadence harmonies and accompaniment forms, There is something special to discover in each of the songs. Small vignettes with lyrics to them are found in the parts, and can be taken up in rehearsals and lessons.

The songs begin with fingering positions and bowing techniques that are usually learned at the beginning of lessons, then gradually increase in difficulty, though the booklet as a whole is set at the elementary level. Suggestions for improvisation and pieces for practicing certain requirements round out the booklet. Special emphasis is placed on playing together - true to the title: Together on Strings!