Violin Fingerboard Mastery [HL:369279]

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Violin Fingerboard Mastery
Contemporary Mapping Exercises and Improvisation Studies

Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Jason Anick

Develop your violin fingerboard knowledge and facility. Whether you are looking to unlock your ability to improvise, deepen your knowledge of harmony, compose new works, improve your musical memory, or stregthen your interpretation of Bach, having an intimate relationship with your violin fingerboard is essential. These exercises and etudes from violinist, composer, and educator Jason Anick will forever change the way you look at the fingerboard and lay the foundation for improvisation within any musical style.

You will learn: fingering patterns, practice approaches for improvisation, fundamental chords and arpeggios, a ten-step guide to practicing progressions, pentatonic scales and enclosure licks, navigation and voice-leading techniques for an array of harmonic relationships, five performance-ready jazz violin etudes, and more.

Inventory # HL00369279
ISBN: 9780876392157
UPC: 840126989687
Series: Berklee Guide
Format: Softcover Audio Online
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
64 pages

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