Wilson & Wood, Stringtastic Book 1: Cello [Alf:12-0571542573]

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Stringtastic Book 1: Cello
The fully integrated string series with over 50 fun pieces ideal for individual and group teaching

By Mark Wilson, Paul Wood Cello Book Level: Beginner Item: 12-0571542573

Stringtastic Book 1: Cello teaches through playing in an engaging exploration of musical styles. Part of the fully integrated Stringtastic series in which violin, viola, cello and double bass can all learn and play together in any combination.

Learn as you play through the world of Stringtastic, with 57 imaginative pieces that have been specifically designed to establish a secure playing technique and build confidence one step at a time. Following on from Stringtastic Beginners, this book takes the student from playing the notes of the D major scale to Grade 1 (Early Elementary). Featuring equal-level duets for all instruments, the pieces are ideal for individual and group instruction as well as flexible ensemble and classroom settings.

Every piece is supported by an exciting backing track plus a piano-only track for practice, all available to download. The Stringtastic Book 1: Teacher's Accompaniment book provides the complete piano score which works with any combination of the instrumental parts.

Series: Stringtastic
Composed by: Mark Wilson, Paul Wood
Instrument: Cello
Item Number: 12-0571542573
ISBN 10: 0-571-54257-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-571-54257-4
UPC: 9780571542574

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